Friday, 1 March 2013


Since his wife is eight months into her pregnancy, the husband decides to sleep on the floor to avoid any regrettable ‘mistake’ which might happen, for he has been desperate for sex for quite a while now.

Just before lying down on the bed, she glances at him and sees the poor guy curled up on the floor, eyes staring widely into the empty air, filled with hopeless desire.

Feeling sorry for her husband, she opens the top drawer of the cabinet, takes out a fifty dollar bill, and gives it to him. She says, “Awww, honey you're so depressed. Here, take this and go to the woman next door, and she will let you sleep with her tonight. But remember that this happens only once. Ok? Don't ever talk about it or ask me to do this again.” 

The husband rolls his eyes in disbelief, but afraid that she may change her mind, he grabs the money and leaves quickly. 

A few minutes later, he returns, hands the bill back to the wife and says with much disappointment, “She said this isn't enough, she wants sixty dollars.” 

The wife's face slowly turns red with anger, “Damn that bitch. When she was pregnant and her husband came over here. When I let him screw me, I only charged him fifty.” 

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